Friday, November 25, 2011

Goa Lawah (Bat Cave)

Bali is a tourist attraction is a cave located on the beach called Kusamba coast, at the mouth of the cave there is a temple named Goa Lawah temples.

Goa Lawah very interesting to visit because of strategic location just off the beach with views of sea and Nusa Penida island in the distance and the arrangement of beautiful beaches and beautiful. On the beach sometimes tourists can witness the traditional ceremonies and activities can also see the bats hanging from the edge of the cave. Bali attractions make this one worth your visit with your family during the holidays to Bali.
Goa Lawah Klungkung regency located at approximately 1 hour drive from the city of Denpasar or 4 miles from downtown Semarapura which is the capital city of Klungkung regency.
In Lawah cave consists of two syllables of the Goa which means cave and Lawah which means bat cave where Lawah inhabited by thousands of bats in the mouth tail attraction is there a temple bali status Khayangan Jagat Pura. Pura Goa Lawah is a sacred and beautiful area. There was a blend of sea and mountains (-yoni phallus). As the name suggests, in this temple there is a cave that is inhabited by thousands of bats. While at the mouth of the cave there are several palinggih Stana of the Gods. In pelatarannya, also stood firm some Meru and other sthana. Told it comes to Bali MPU Kuturan the X century when government-led Children's Youngest sister of King Airlangga. Airlangga himself reigned in East Java (1019-1042). When it arrived, mpu Kuturan meet many sects in Bali. Seeing the fact that, mpu Kuturan Tri Murti then develop the concept with the aim of uniting the MPU Kuturan all sects also teaches making heaven Pakraman Three in every village in Bali and confirmed the existence of heaven Jagat one of which is Goa Lawah.

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